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We may not be able to control nature’s elements,
but we can help you weather them.
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Transform your outdoor space with


Proshade constructs pre-engineered carshade structures that are highly functonal and are the best soluton to block UV rays from the sun and prevent hail from daming your cars. Very atractve, simple and affordable alternatve to the conventonal garage and can be freestanding, cantlivered or can also be in the form of a shade sail. Proshade’s carshades are known for their superior quality and gained respect and appreciaton throughout East Africa for high strength and durablity.


Extend your living space and modernise your home or restaurant’s aesthetcs with shade sails.

Proshade sails are ecofriendly, geometric designed and maintenance-free devices that you can atach to your building or setup independently in your outdoor space.

Made with HDPE fabric that is durable, breathable and can block up to 98% of UV rays.

Available in a variety of colours and are custom designed to suit your outdoor space.

Visually captvatng and perfectly suitable for all season usage as for locatons that are subject of high winds.


Proshade’s unique geometric tensile membrane fabric structures are the showcase projects that demonstrate what we have can achieve utlizing fabric in architecture. Expandins the boundaries of fucton and form, Proshade’s designs enhance the landscape through inspiraton and technical superiority. Our mast supported, arch and frame supported, cantlevered, and point supported fabric structures can create an atractve focal point for your venue, ranging from simply profound, to the spectacular.

As fabric architecture increasingly becomes a cost effectve and aesthetcally appealing opton for architects engineers and designers, Proshade will contnue to provide the imaginaton and innovaton to turn fabric structure design concepts into a stking reality


These beautful and impressive sail awnings are the result of an intense planning operaton, using cutng edge nautcal technology and design. They retract completely in a few seconds thanks to a motorized or manual mechanism.

The use of premium materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminium, Tempotest StarÆ resin-treated polyester canvas, and DacronÆ (the same material used for yacht sails), ensures very low maintenance and excellent resistance to atmospheric conditons. This makes Corradi sails an original, refned and effectve soluton for wide range of outdoor applicatons.

Whether you need small or large areas covered, these sails offer a broad range of design possibilites, as they can be used alone or in different custom-designed combinatons, as a number of different sails can be used together, in a modular and interchangeable way, to create customized shaded areas of any size or confguraton. Another huge advantage is that the sails are removable for branding, easy cleaning, or general maintenance, ensuring that your dream outdoor living space always looks beautful, whether you have a private home or a commercial or hospitality venue.

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Transform your outdoor space with


We design, plan and construct with intention to exceed our clients’ expectations, for safety, quality, functionality and aesthetics and deliver finished products that stand the test of time.

We partner in close collaboration with our clients, architects, designers and engineers with the sole aim of achieving the best possible result at the most reasonable cost to ensure that our customers get true value for money. As a result we achieve consistent, sustained growth through many referrals and repeat business from our existing client base.

We aim to ensure that our employees are well motivated by being treated with respect, fairness and sufficiently remunerated, with an understanding that the client comes first, and is the most important partner in the sustainability of Proshade Limited as growing and thriving concern.

We wish to distinguish ourselves as number one awnings producer and installer in East Africa, and we fully understand and accept the significance of hard work, enthusiasm, perseverance and integrity as cornerstone principles in achieving this goal.

We know it’s the little things that often make a big difference, therefore we am to pay specific attention to detail, leaving wherever possible, nothing to chance.

We believe in acting in a socially, and environmentally responsible manner, so that we may pursue our dreams and goals with a clear conscience as an example to others.

Transform your outdoor space with


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